At COOLpods, our mission is to bring amazing flavors and bigger pods to our customers. We got started because we wanted to share the exciting flavors we created for ourselves and do so at a fair price.  Since we just launched, we're working hard day and night to improve on our product. We'd love to hear your suggestions for new flavors, what you think of our pods, or anything else that's on your mind. Please drop us a note at

Exciting News!

COOL Club: Our Flavor of the Month Club. Starting in August, we will be showcasing a special flavor every other month. Sign up for exclusive flavor news here (hyperlink to sign up) and get a 10%  special flavor  discount.


How we got started:

Our mission is to deliver the best possible vaping and e-cigarette experience to help the world's smokers enjoy to an alternative to tobacco.

We designed COOLpods to deliver the best vaping experience. With the brain-power of MIT and Harvard engineers, we've developed proprietary single-seal pods to minimize leaking and maximize taste. We've also worked hard to develop an e-juice that delivers all the way from the first puff to the final draw.  

COOLpods were engineered to improve the vaping experience.